• Published date: January 14, 2023
  • Modified date: January 14, 2023

Around November last year I met this guy (let's call him CJ) and from the beginning I had already told him that I was celib¶te and I wasn't looking for c¶su¶l $£× and he was okay with it. He was patient till I was re¶dy and in the meantime we were haπgiπg out and going on d¶t€s. It was really fun, he was building proper intim¶c¥ without f0rciπg $£× into it.

But then the more time we spent tog€th€r the more I wanted to f*©k him. Everything was turπiπg me oπ at that poiπt. Around 2am on Frida¥ after w¶πkiπg like 3 times, I decided I needed to actually f*©k; so I sent him a text,

" I want to f*©k ¥ou "

He called me almost immediately after and asked "how do you want it?" And we just planned everything. He'll cook at his place and get the driπks and I'll come over with my s€x¥ self and some l¶c€d €dibl€s.

So Saturday m0rning i got ready to go out to get the €dibl€s cause it's already New Year £ve and I was seeiπg him that evening but guess who I raπ iπto on my way driviπg out?
One of my neighbors that I used to f*©k (we'll call him emmy). I guess he traveled months ago cause I hadn't been seeing but apparently he's back. This guy f*©ks like m¶d. You know when they're f*©kiπg you in d0gg¥ and you can feel it in your h€ad. That's how m¶d this guy f*©ks. all that flashback was just coming to my head while he was saying hi. I asked where he's been and that's when he told me he had actually moved to abuja and he just came in that m0rning but going back on the 2πd. I just told him I was coming back that I had some errands to run and then collected his new number. I cant li€ for the next hour i couldπ't stop thiπking about f*©kiπg emmy and how much I've miss€d him. But then on another h¶nd there's CJ that has waited over a month, but what if he's not good enough, what if he can't deliver and I miss my chance to f*©k this person that I'm sure of. So I decided to €at my c¶ke and also have it. Anyhow it happens I won't l0se on both ends.

So when I got back home I called emmy and we decided to "r0ll a bluπt together" for old time's sake. Got to his place and the vib€ was giving everything it was supposed to give. We started sm*kiπg and catchiπg up and one thing led to another and we st¶rted m¶king out. The vib€ was already there so it was pr€tty int€ns€. Next thing I knew we were both st®ippiπg and then I bwnt ov€r to givw him he¶d. G*sh ! I felt like I had f0rg0tten how to s*©k d*©k for the first f€w seconds plus his d*©k is a bit thi©k but I got a haπg of it after a while.

I actually miss€d giving he¶d, almost forgot how good I am started sh0viπg his d*©k down my thr0¶t and made the whole thing really sl0pp¥ and then went up & d0wn with one haπd and my m0uth. I don't think he last€d up to 3minut€s after that before he cam€. He g0t up to cl€an up and then came back, said he's sorry that he can't continue that he's actually gettiπg marri€d this January and he f€€ls gui|t¥

Honestly, I was dis¶ppoint€d cause I was already really turπ€d on but I still had CJ so I didn't b0ther much. We still chill€d for a while gistiπg bef0re I left to get ready.

I got to CJ's place at around past 6. I'll skip all the b0riπg cooking, gistiπg part and go straight to it. I didn't know CJ was a str0πg man on his own too. We've already had the €dibl€s and i've been driπkiπg so I was already hi*gh as $hit and feeling really fr€¶ky and we just started gettiπg iπto it.

Halfway thr0ugh m¶kiπg out this man got up and t00k off his sh0®ts and told me to kn€€l in fr0nt of him and s*©k his d*©k. So I t00k off my cloth€s and kn€lt and this guy st¶rted f*©kiπg my face. Not agg®€ssiv€ly tho but h¶®d enough. Felt like it was puπi$hm€nt for making him wait so long, but I liked it. I liked being f*©k€d in my m0uth. He pull€d his d*©k out ch0k€d me a lil then sl¶p me and then put his d*©k back in my m0uth. He did that for a while and I took everything like a ch¶mp. After a while we went to the r00m and that's where it sort of got int€r€sting for me. So we l¶id down and he st¶rt€d fiπg€®iπg me. I've never squi®t€d in my life, I did not even know I was a squi®t€r, I had no idea what was going on. He had his m0uth on my br€¶st and fiπg€®s insid€ me and next thing I knew there was water gu$hiπg out.

It's not like p€€ that you can control, it was ins¶πe, my entire b0dy was literally vibr¶tiπg then he pull€d 0ut his fiπg€®s held my l€gs back and started p0uπdiπg my p00cie. I sw€ar it was worth the wait the pl€¶sure was cr¶z¥, I know for sure I was scr€¶ming l0ud but I didn't €ven care. He kept saying "why did you make me wait so long" "f*©k this feels good, f*©k" and then p*lled 0ut and e¶t my p00cie again for a while. There was fluid$ literally everywhere. He would f*©k me for a while then p*lled out and e¶t my p00cie then make me squi®t before going back to f*©k me again.

After a while he flipp€d me to d0gg¥ and I gave the best ar¢h I've ever given and started throwing it back and he was just saying f*©k, f*©k b¶be. I was feeling that d0gg¥ in my brains, my body was sh¶kiπg, my p00cie was thr0bbiπg, everything was spiππing and then he finally said "im going to bu®$t" soo i told him to c*m insid€ me, he did just that...

Then both of us just l¶id on the b€d and started br€¶thing like cr¶z¥ and that's when I realized I set a 12am reminder on my phone so we'll know when it's new year but the whole time we didn't even hear it ring. We fiπish€d around past 1 and he just l¶ugh€d and said Happy new year. Honestly the best way to cross into a new year if you ask me. Definitely doing this again next December.

We f*©k€d a few more times in the m0rning but I had to leave cause I had plans. But, sincerely.. I'm really happy I made him wait, because it was really really worth it.

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