• Published date: December 25, 2022
  • Modified date: December 25, 2022

So I had my first f0ur£sum....that's like a s€xu¶l f¶nt¶sy I didn't think I would tick off my buck£t list before this year ruπs out. There's this guy who h00k€d me up onlin€ sometime ago, me and this guy have actually met once, done stuff together and it was really cr¶z¥ because this guy is a don, emphasis on the DON. I f*©kiπg c√umm€d when we had s€x and it's not something that has happened before, st0ry for another day. So we got talking and he was like do I have any n¶st¥ friend to try a thr€£sum with? I already had one friend in mind before, so I said yes. Then he later t€xt€d me that he had a friend who wanted to join in, so I talked to my friend about it and we all came to an agreement. Fast forward to the D-day....I got there, I met this guy's friend, he's fine, and he's a stoπer. So he roll€d up some sm*k€ for me and himself, we got puff1πg. We couldn't wait for my friend anymore.

The guy said let's start with her....and I was like, "G*sh, I will di£ today" , so I was a bit in my shell because I haven't don€ 2 gu¥s at once before. So let's call the guy who h00k€d me up earlier "guy A" and his friend "guy B". A little description of myself, am tall, slim, nice b00b$, small a$$, not s€x¥ enough like all the girls around but then, still s€x¥ while n¶k€d..... So guy A brought his vibr¶to® and used it on me; that's the first time I'd ever experience the ple¶sure of a vibr¶to®, my body was vibr¶tiπg in between them, then guy B was working on my b00b$ and playing with my ©lit, I felt like I was in another world. Before I could say J¶ck....I was on the bed and guy A was going dowπ on me, I got one of the most wonderful he¶d I've ever got. His toπgue work was top not©h. My body was sh¶kiπg because it has never had much ple¶sure, before you know I was really w€t. So basically, guy A just at€ me out and mad€ me ready for guy B.

So it was easy for guy B to go in, I received m¶d st®ok€s from him, and guy was going h¶®d and f¶st, I didn't know when I started mo¶πiπg out loud, not minding his neighbours , Go$h, I really
enjo¥€d it, so much, by the time he was done, there w¶s small bl00d stains, f*©kiπg me like his life depended on it. I rested a bit, had some bluπt, washed up, and went down with guy A too, but he was the gentle one, slow, pleasing str0k€s and I was feeliπg it in my entire b0d¥. Along the line, my friend came around, I was exh¶u$t€d already. My friend came and she was in total control of two grown m£n, twas fuπ to watch because I didn't think she was that sl√tt¥...I su©k€d her b00b$ and also joined her in su©kiπg guy's B d*©k. Guy A weπt dowπ on her and I was giviπg guy B amazing he¶d. Guy B wanted to join in the fuπ, so I st0pped and wat©hed down while staπding in the bathr00m.

They b¶πg€d her in differeπt positioπs n styl€s, she had multi o®g¶$m$ and guy B sh0w£r£d her with hi$ $p€®m, it flowed from her toπgue, mix€d with her s¶liv¶ through her b00b$ to her b0d¥..

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