The Bus stop Experience

  • Published date: December 18, 2022
  • Modified date: December 19, 2022

I'm a tall, dark married lady with big a$$ and hips; a shy, reserved, church girl tho. I usually close late at work every friday and the distance between my work place and home is quite not close (about 30mins with vehicle). On this, faithful friday, I was waiting at the bus stop with a strange guy who was peradventure also going to my area. We were both standing apart waiting for a bus to come. When a bus later came, I entered into the back row seat and he also joined me there; mind you.. everywhere was already looking dark (about 7:30pm), the bus took off and about 10minutes into the journey, he suddenly held my hand and placed on his hard d1©k, I was sho©ked cos I never knew he has gotten an ere©tioπ and was wondering why he did so cos I don't know him before nor ever said a word to him, Ang®ily, I got my hand off him, created little gap between me and him.

He started whispe®iπg apology words into my ears, I didn't say a single word and was still very annoyed. Then I got to my bus stop and alighted, funny enough.. he also alighted becos of me.. he kept on apologizing for what he did, he said he has been looking at me from the bus stop, that my look got him aroused & he couldn't resist it.. He said he wants us to be friends and exchange contacts, I accepted his apologies but told him I cant give him my contact phone number as a newly married lady; I didn't want any issue in my marriage.. After long pleads, and to just let him leave me that night, I gave him my old email address dat I can use that to be communicating with him.

I open the email few days after, I found out that he has sent couple of emails and some with the pictures of his long, thick, muscular d1©k.. looking far bigger than my husband's c*©k..

I began to imagine it in my thick tight wet p00cie .. I ended up masturbating with his d1©k's pictures about 3 to 4 times without responding to the emails, he kept sending many more mails, inviting me to come visit him as a friend that he would not disturb me or make move to b¶ng me.. ( I knew its a lie tho), but I was already feeling for him, becos I want to be banged crazily than the soft way my husband f*©ks.

One weekend, my husband went for a 3-day conference and to come back on the following Monday.. I was bored and b¶st¶rdly ho®πy; I had to send the guy my first mail to request for his address & to know when I can visit.. it's not even up to 1hour.. He replied with his address and told me I can come immediately with his phone number in case I want to call.

I eventually got his place (he stays alone in a room and parlour self contained apartment), he open the door for me , wearing only boxer.. he offered me a juice... so while taking the juice and gisting with him, he took permission to enter the room for something..

Surprisingly, he came out π¶k€d with full erection.. he came straight to my front, took the glass of juice from me, sipped little and placed it on the centre table... I realized his d1©k even looked smaller in the pictures he sent.. he is very endowed down there.. That alone swept me off my feet.. all my shyness got evaporated; since it's just me n him behind the closed door, I opened my mouth, started su©kiπg his d1©k as he strokes my hair, I su©k€d, I li©k€d, I shook, I tongued his d1©k continuously, after few minutes, he pulled me my legs up, and started li©kiπg my ©lit0ri$, taking all the fluid dripping from my v¶g!π¶.. I was f*©k!πg w€t ..
He was l!©k!πg me fastly and c®¶zily like a professional p*®π$t¶r... Fast-forward, he started drilling my p00cie with his huge fat d1©k but it wasnt entering easily becos of the size until he splits some saliva on my p00cie region and rubbed it well .. he started banging me harder and harder and the collision sound was really loud and was really driving me more wei®d .. he s€x€d me in all styles (d0gg¥, scissors, advanced m1ss1onar¥, etc) and positions from the sitting room chairs to the bedroom mattress and even when we wanted to clean up in the bathroom, he still f*©k€d my p00cie there in.. I really enjoyed him, had to beg him to really be c0ded about the whole thing, and since then, we have been f*©k1πg like 2 or 3 times every week c0dedly without making my husband to know aside that my husband d1©k can no longer do my wide p00cie anything pleasurable anymore cos it's wider due to the steady bigger c¶ss¶v¶ I have been receiving.

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