BREAKING NEWS: Indian Man Cum Shown to Cure Corona

  • Published date: March 24, 2020
  • Modified date: March 24, 2020

Researchers have discovered that the cum from an Indian man ingested orally has been shown to both cure and prevent the COVID-19 virus. The ejaculate has been shown to carry special antibodies that help combat infection. The Corona Virus, called Honkey Pox in India, has seemed to only spread to the celibate population sparking research as to why this is the case.

"The ejaculate has to be swallowed orally to be most effective, and has to be fresh. The antibodies do not seem to survive storage, " says Dr. Mike Hunt, "If swallowed immediately after ejaculation for a course of twice a day for a week the virus and its spread can be stopped in its tracks."

Dr. Hunt adds that the fresh Indian ejaculate can also be preventative, "It is Amazing. We've seen that if smeared all over the face, it forms a protective anti-viral barrier to the point where masks don't need to be used anymore."

Further research has also show that the longer the Indian man has refrained from taking a shower, the stronger the anti-viral response of his ejaculate is. It seems that after bathing, production of antibodies is temporarily suspended for 48 hours and has to start all over again.

My mother and I were quarantined in our apartment. The virus was so bad we couldn't breathe, yet hospitals were turning us away. Our city is in lockdown - shelter in place - and we are not even allowed to leave the building we didn't even know what to do.

We saw the announcement about how the cum of an Indian man can solve the COVID-19 problem. At the very least we wanted to try it to ease symptoms. And let's face it, being stuck in the apartment all day we also wanted to have some fun. My mother remembered the nice Indian man that lives next door. I've often touched myself thinking about him anyway - he has long hair, and dark skin, and just the right amount of chest hair. He smells of sandalwood and incense and I can hear him chanting through the walls every morning at sunrise. I bet he knows every position of the Kama Sutra.

We decided that doing what it takes to get him to cum for us was a mission we had to embark on. So we knocked on the wall and invited him over for dinner. He first refused because of the Social Distancing rules of isolation from Corona Virus lockdown. But then we remembered that he is nice, and asked if we could borrow some toilet paper. He graciously agreed.

Within minutes he knocked on our door. I was entirely naked already. I had stripped down and were waiting for him. I kept my Avenged Sevenfold cap on though. I put it on backwards to look super cute for him. My mother was wearing a hot red dress dress with no panties on. We figured that if we have a chance to get this (probably celibate) Indian man to whip out his and cum for us, I would be our best chance with my sexy blonde hair, perfect eye shadow and eyelashes, and my Big Natural Tits.

He knocked, and my mother opened the door and my fresh naked college co-ed body was the first thing he saw. He didn't even respond like it was anything! He didn't look away, but he didn't jump my bones either! W-T-F! Arrrggh Indian Men. Ladies, we need to be forward with Indian men if we want that jizz to drink and save ourselves from the virus apocalypse.

I don't like rejection, so I just walked up to him and grabbed his I pulled him into the bedroom, stripped him down and started sucking! I sucked hard and hard and hard like I was a human vacuum cleaner. I wanted that cum! I sucked his dick like gold was going to shoot out of it! (as you can clearly see). He loved it, suddenly he was not Mr. Reserved. He instantly turned into the hottest p0.rn star with attitude! this is Hot! All with my mother in the background cheering us on.

I could feel his throb and beat - he was ready. I really went for it. I didn't want him to cum directly into my mouth because both my mother and I needed to drink the jizz to get healthy. I also didn't want him to cum on my face because I looked super cute and didn't want to ruin my makeup. So as soon as he was ready to blow, I leaned back and he shot wads and wads and wads of cum all over my big jiggly titties. I was so turned on I yelled, "Oooooh. That's ALL I DESERVE!"

Then my mother walked over and grabbed his and said, "Look at all this cum." She bent down and licked his cum off my tits and french kissed the jizz into my mouth in a perfect cumswap. Within hours we felt better. The Indian man cum really works!


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