How To Meet and Date Sugar Mummy (DATING RICH OLDER WOMEN )

  • Published date: January 25, 2020
  • Modified date: January 22, 2021
    • Nigeria

Getting a sugar mummy is not as difficult as you may think. It all depends on the work you're willing to put in and how much luck you may have to get the right woman that will make life easy for you for the short term.

A sugar mummy is mostly a middle aged woman, who is mostly rich or in the upper middle class of society, lonely and mostly depressed. These sort of women spent their youthful age climbing the social ladder, making money and being famous. These are women who have achieved mostly all they want in life, except sweet, energetic, well endowed young men of their middle to late twenties to early thirties, to give them fun, the best of sexual ecstasy, for as long as they want. And as long as the said young man keeps making them feel this way, he would be rewarded with cash or gift items.

Places to find this woman is pretty easy too. Some will be the one to find you if you're what they need. You can also find them on the internet, social media and even through referrals..

The world is a very big market and its surprising what one could actually buy with money.

Be Courageous. This is one of the biggest and strongest attribute you need, if you want to win her. ...

Ask For Her Number. To take the bold step, you need what will connect you with her. ...

Take Her on a Date. ...

Use Sweet Words. .

Be very Good in bed

Love Them and appreciate their stature no matter what

Keep Relationship Secret. ...

Treat Her Right. ...

Be Romantic and Caring

The Pickup :

A Sugar Mummy rarely travels in packs. She is either solo or with a single friend and oozes confidence. Regardless of wealth and confidence, all women seek attention. It is important that you give her the attention she craves while maintaining that she has to work to keep your interest.
Remember, she has to be enthralled by you so don’t come on strong. The goal is to get her to pick you up. You are her prize so it is imperative that you are well groomed, charismatic and, most importantly, fun - you should exude the youthful, carefree attitude she envies. Recognize that being fun is far different than simply being silly – Don’t act immature.

The First Date :

Most men make huge mistakes when suggesting a first date, lacking both originality and thought. Innovation will go a long way in your favor. Find out her tastes and interests in the initial conversations and make mental notes along the way to help you come up with an innovative first date idea. This is the time to impress her with what you have to offer. Since it’s not money, it is imperative that you take the focus off monetary things and place your value on the intangibles.

On your date, get her to talk about herself every chance you get.

By engaging her with interesting and thoughtful dialog, you will leave a lasting impression that is sure to secure a second date. Keep in mind, the first date will dictate any future opportunities or close all doors.

The Relationship :

Once you have landed her, she's going to want to be in control of most things. She has the money and she is used to owning things. Expect this attitude from her but never let yourself become a possession of hers - you will have to give up some control but you should never give it up entirely. Swallow some pride to keep her happy. If she buys you something, wear it. She may expect you to look a certain way or maintain a particular image.

You lose some power over your wardrobe and some of your activities but you will be compensated handsomely.
Seduce her mind and send her sexy thoughts throughout the day. Continuously make her feel special, as if she is the only somebody that matters. Keep it fresh.

In the bedroom you will have much more control over her – take it. Dominate her here and you will get anything you want.

Her Psyche :

Have you ever stopped to wonder why a woman that seems to have everything is so willing to pay anything to the right companion? Thoughts of men only being interested in her money, rather than her as a person, is surely in the back of her mind.

Nevertheless, loneliness is a more unsettling thought - so your trinkets, trips and toys are just part of the deal. Your relationship is more of an arrangement. It’s about what you can do for her and what she can do for you.

Women have fought to carve out their places in society and many of them have reached financial success beyond their counterparts. There has been a tremendous evolution of the female psyche and many have been liberated past the notion of serve her man.

The Sugar Mama wants to “get served” by a younger, less complicated, less dramatic relationship – so what if she has to pull out the credit card to get it. Men have been playing this role forever without any qualms from society; it’s time your woman treated you.

Like in any relationship you set out for, know the rules and understand the roles and expectations. Life can be viewed as one big game and everyone involved has a position. Be confident and aware of the type of woman you choose to be with. Make no mistake that a Sugar Mummy is very clear on what she wants and is even clearer on what she will put out to get it. So put your game face on!



Date Published: 25/01/2020
Year Of Review: 2020
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Am looking for a nice sugar mummy by oluwaseun:

I reside in ogun state ijb ode...

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I love how this is well written and I am curious with my size and shape and my good looks is it possible for me to find a sugar mommy cause I am in desperate need of some live and caring and I really wanna know

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Hello am hard working and intelligent I'd like to meet someone here ....tthick and strong sugar mummy

Hey by Olamide Adediran:

I reside in ogun state state abeokuta I can a meet one plz

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I will like to meet a nice and caring sugar mama and I promise to show her all the love she deserves

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I really need a sugar mummy that I will cuddle with and she would enjoy having fun with me let's bet

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I'm interested in getting connected to a nice sugar mummy and I'm submissive I guess she would want a guy like me

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Am Justice in search of a thick sugar mummy...please DM on WhatsApp:09026504637 if interested

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